Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MudFlapGrrl goes to Montréal

On March 22, I toured the porn industry of Montréal as my alias "Barry." This 'performance' involved sporting some boy-drag and leaving my comfort zone as a woman. There were a couple situations which confirmed I was passing as a man. For example, when I went into the women's washroom at the lunch restraunt, the waitress followed me in to the washroom exclaiming "this is for women only!" In my best girl voice I told her I was a woman. The waitress seemed only slightly baffled -- this is Montréal after all. Also, at dinnertime I was addressed as "sir" and, so, I left the waiter a big tip. I went to the porn district with a guy friend, and we are both unfamiliarlar with the scene. I took a digital video recorder and I got some great shots of the XXX clubs' signage . Our day began with a tour of rue Catherine Street and a pit stop in a sex shop to get directions. The guy in the sex shop must have thought my friend and I were a gay couple. The weirdest thing we saw involved this place which I refer to as the ' Superstore of peep shows', this place looked like a huge warehouse with row upon row upon row of these peepshow video stalls. ( Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl because it did not seem very hygienic.) Anyway, my objective was to experience this culture, so, yeah I watched some bad porn. What is the point of all of this? Well, it is part of my on going exploration of how imagry of the sex object creates meaning in society. Specifically I am looking to sub-cultures where this type of imagry is prevelent ie. porn culture and car culture. I intend to keep a public dairy of my adventures via this blog.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1, 2006
It is no joke that I am obsessed with the cultural icon of MudFlap Girl. Since 2001, I have been creating and exhibiting work inspired by this image. Since my first piece in 2001, "Sitting Lady," I have been exploring this contraversal and contradictory image. To find out more about my involvement with MudFlap Girl, please visit my website.

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